Cycle to the Sea Ride: April 25-27, 2019 (North Myrtle Beach)

Thank you for your interest in donating or creating a Fundraising Page in support of the Adaptive Sports and Adventures Program.  

To register to ride as a cyclist, please contact the ASAP office directly at 704-355-1062. Otherwise, use this website to make a donation, support a cyclist or team fundraising page, or to form your own fundraising page as a team captain.

Cycle to the Sea-North Myrtle Beach benefits the Adaptive Sports and Adventures Program (ASAP) at Atrium Health Carolinas Rehabilitation. Cycle to the Sea (CTTS) will be supported again by our motorcyclists and volunteers that we rely heavily on each year to ensure the safety of our riders. CTTS-North Myrtle Beach will cover 180 miles from Charlotte, NC, to North Myrtle Beach, SC, on April 25-27, 2019.

Rider (cyclist and hand-cyclist) Registration:

 The registration fee per rider/cyclist is $100 to complete the Cycle to the Sea.  Rider/cyclist registration will be handled offline through ASAP (call 704-355-1062) and not through this fundraising website.


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Q: Can I donate to an individual or a team?
Answer: YES!

If you would like to ask supporters to make a donation in honor of an individual who is part of a larger Team, use this link to search for fundraisers who are raising funds individually (i.e. those with a Personal Fundraising Page) as well as members of a specific team (donations made to a Team Member's page will also be reflected in the Team's Total).

If you would like to make a donation to a team as a whole, use the same link but search by the Team Name. Either option will appear in the search results.


Q: Can I donate directly instead of supporting a specific individual or team?
Answer: YES! Donate directly to the Adaptive Sports and Adventures Program here.

Thank you for your support.



What's the difference between Personal Fundraising Pages versus Team Fundraising Pages?

With Team Fundraising, members of a team raise funds on behalf of a larger team page fundraising goal. Donations made to team-members' fundraising pages will also be connected to (and therefore impact) the Team Page total as well.

(Note: Each Team Member receives an individual fundraising page; once a Team Captain signs up, there will also be a Team Page where donors can support the Team directly, as opposed to choosing a Team Member to support. Donations made to any Team Member's Page will impact the total shown on the Team Page as well, because the two are connected. Donations made to the broader Team Page will only be reflected on the Team Page, since no Team Member was selected by the donor.)

Personal Fundraising involves an individual raising funds on behalf of Atrium Health's Adaptive Sports & Adventures Program with no connection to a Team Page.