2017 Keep Pounding 5K

Pediatric HOT

Welcome to our team fundraising page!


On June 3, 2017 our team is participating in the Keep Pounding 5K. 100% of net proceeds from the Keep Pounding 5K will benefit cancer research, treatment, and patient services at Levine Children's Hospital and Levine Cancer Institute in Charlotte, NC. By supporting the Keep Pounding 5K, our team is helping individuals with cancer get treatment locally where they can stay close to their support networks and families. 

Please consider making a charitable contribution to this worthy cause! Your donation will be credited to our team's fundraising goal.


For offline gifts to our team page, please mail to:

Keep Pounding 5K

c/o Carolinas HealthCare Foundation

208 East Blvd.

Charlotte, NC 28203

***In the MEMO line write the name of our TEAM to have the gift properly credited***


Thank you for your support!



Pediatric HOT - Join Team Raised
Amy Kelly $51.00
Kim Arnold $0.00
Erin Babbitt $175.00
Dawn Bartock $0.00
Jodie Bartock $0.00
Kerry Bratcher $0.00
Lisa Burkhead $50.00
Robin Deckard $100.00
Stephen Deckard $51.00
Katie Farmer $0.00
Sara Fink $0.00
Lyndsey Hastings $4,550.00
Connor Heiskell $0.00
Emilia Heiskell $0.00
Josh Heiskell $0.00
Myles Heiskell $0.00
Ashley Hinson $0.00
Mark Hinson $0.00
Annie Huhnerkoch $0.00
Gretchen Huhnerkoch $0.00
Brandi Jansen $107.00
Steve Jansen $2,605.00
TJ Jansen $107.00
Andrew Jorsch $0.00
Melissa Jorsch $0.00
Kelly Kendall $0.00
Hnouci Lee $0.00
Cali Matchunis $0.00
Brett McCombs $0.00
Chante McCombs $20.00
Teri Mehall $0.00
Kimberley Moore $0.00
Missy Nahrgang $340.00
Jennifer Nemecek $51.00
Javier Oesterheld $0.00
Jessie Pagnatta $275.00
Greg Raber $225.00
Canyon Rector $0.00
CJ Rector $0.00
Mackenzie Rector $0.00
Shannon Rector $0.00
Jennifer Riney $0.00
lynnae schwandt $0.00
Ella Shaller $0.00
Vanessa Shaller $0.00
Ralph Shore $30.00
Julie Smith $0.00
Nicole Turner $25.00
Cameron Walker $0.00
Coryn Walker $0.00
Hal Walker $0.00
Team Gifts $561.00
Denotes a Team Captain