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Top Fundraisers:

  1 -  Saige Moore ($100.00)
  2 -  Jaclyn Starr ($55.00)
  3 -  Marjorie Hawkins ($50.00)
  4 -  Armando Metz ($50.00)
  5 -  Daniel Starr ($40.00)
  6 -  Zachary Althofer ($0.00)
  7 -  Zayna Bock ($0.00)
  8 -  BEATRICE BRINK ($0.00)
  9 -  Ryan Brown ($0.00)
  10 -  Emma Brown ($0.00)

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Click here for fundraising tips and ideas (PDF).

Sponsorship form for individual fundraising (PDF).

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Suggested minimum donation per participant:  $50

Awards will be given to the top three individual fundraisers.*  

Click here to see all available prizes.

In addition, for every $25 raised, you will be entered into a raffle and be eligible to win prizes*. 

*Please note that fundraising by siblings will be combined for all prize purposes.  As such, if donations are made to more than one sibling, the amounts donated for each will be combined when calculating top fundraising prizes and raffle tickets.  Team registration and donations have been eliminated this year.

Additionally, every participant will receive a special Kids Triathlon award at the finish line.

The cut-off date for individual fundraising is Thursday, May 31, 2018 at midnight.  (You may continue to fundraise after that time, but it will not be counted towards prizes.)



photo collage from 2017 JCC Kids tri

Contact us:

 (704) 355-4048

Atrium Health Foundation provides significant financial support for programs and services within Atrium Health, including institutions such as Levine Cancer Institute, Levine Children’s Hospital, the James G. Cannon Research Center and Carolinas Medical Center.

Philanthropy benefits patients from throughout the Carolinas who receive care at an Atrium Health facility. Donations help patients who are battling conditions as diverse as cancer, Parkinson’s Disease and heart disease.


The money we raise goes directly to Atrium Health programs and services to improve patient care. We do not make grants to outside organizations or individuals.

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