Welcome to Makenzie's Personal Page

It's hard to believe it been 18 months since Makenzie suffered her stroke and we still have a ways to go for recovery but again this year she is participating in the Levine Jewish Community Center's Kid's Triathlon to help raise money for Pediatric Rehabilitation programs at Levine Children's Hospital and the Adaptive Sports and Adventures Program. She had a wonderful time last year and the support she got was incredible. This special event is not about the athletic competition – it is about giving back to Levine for Makenzie and us.  It is about returning a little bit of the support we got when we were there for 22 days getting the most unbelieveable support during our most difficult time.  We want to help ensure that continues for others that follow.  With your support, we can make sure that families in our community have access to the most advanced pediatric rehabilitation where it matters most - close to home.

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