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My name is Ethan and I am Zayna.  We are going to do a Triathlon to help the sick kids at Levine's Childrens Hospital.  We are going to work hard to bike, run and swim.  Can you please donate money so we can help kids who are sick?  I (Ethan) did the race last year and this is my (Zayna) first time doing it.  It was fun.  We are very excited.  Thank you!

Levine Jewish Community Center's Kid's Triathlon helps raise money for Pediatric Rehabilitation programs at Levine Children's Hospital and the Adaptive Sports and Adventures Program. This special event is about more than just good, fun athletic competition – it is about giving back.  It is about children of all ages and cultural backgrounds swimming, biking, and running to help other children who are working to get back to doing those same activities. With your support, we can make sure that families in our community have access to the most advanced pediatric rehabilitation where it matters most- close to home.

Please consider supporting the kids with a financial contribution by using the "Support" link located on the right of this page.  Thank you for helping me make a difference.