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  1 -  Team Freak ($35,500.00)
  2 -  Aaron Courageous! ($5,635.00)
  3 -  Knoxville Mafia ($3,155.00)
  4 -  Ability P & O ($2,700.00)


  1 -  Brian Muscarella ($13,780.00)
  2 -  Daniel Wilson ($7,210.00)
  3 -  Thomas Baskind ($5,975.00)
  4 -  Dean Otto ($5,100.00)
  5 -  Johnathan Williams ($4,532.00)
  6 -  Bob Roberts ($4,385.00)
  7 -  Jacob Conley ($2,780.00)
  8 -  Jeff Quelet ($2,700.00)
  9 -  Talia and Abigail Wucherer ($2,571.00)
  10 -  Gregory Taylor ($2,516.45)


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Welcome to my 2018 Cycle to the Sea Myrtle Beach page!

Time to Ride!!
Time to Ride!!

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Mr. Brian Muscarella

69 percent of goal achieved.

Goal: $20,000.00
Achieved: $13,780.00

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Dear Family and Friends,

I wouldn’t have noticed that my 7th “Alive Day” passed me by except, that I found myself in a strangely familiar position……on my back helpless! Only this time, it was my own doing. I had sprinted down the court to stop a competitor from scoring in Quad Rugby. The result was a ferocious hit that landed me upside down in my “mad max” rugby chair. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion as I spun around and hit the floor. As Jennifer of ASAP and Coach Duda rushed to my side with looks of concern, I was reminded of my family, siblings and friends expressions when they first visited me in the hospital. I wondered then as I did at rugby why is everyone so upset and worried…..I’m going to be fine…I got this. Get me back up and into the game!

With the love and support of my family, siblings and dear friends, I get up every day to get back in the game of life that I have been blessed with. My faith is absolute and my will and determination has never been stronger. I don’t hesitate when I’m given opportunities to speak about the challenges I face because I know it might help one more person get back in the game.

The past twelve months have been truly remarkable and humbling. I was nominated to the St. John Vianney High School Hall of Honor for my Christian Services in the community. My peers at Villanova nominated me to the Alumni Board of Directors. I was selected by the Order of Malta (via a VU connection) to be taken on their annual pilgrimage to Lourdes, France. I was blessed and interviewed by His Eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan. The leaders of the trip requested that I speak to the group of 400 about how the trip profoundly enriched my faith. Carolinas Healthcare System had me speak at their 2017 Disability Summit to share what is means to live with a disability and how it is not the end of life but the beginning of a new and different life. I proudly completed the NYC Marathon twenty years from the day I ran it and at a slightly better time J . Earlier this year, the Villanova Office of Disability, LEVEL, nominated me for the Father Bill Atkinson Humanitarian Award for my work raising the awareness of the capabilities of the disabled and helping to “disable the label”. This spring I was a part of the Villanova alumni group that enabled a group of disabled students from the LEVEL program come to the Charlotte area and do service work on a special needs farm as part of their spring break. I spent an incredible week with some very gifted students.

After I complete the Cycle to the Sea, I am going back to Lourdes, France with the Order of Malta. Not as a “Malade” but as a working volunteer to be a part of a pod of six members that are assigned to care for a malade so they have the same profound experience that I did. In all the emails that I have sent out over the last six years, I have emphasized that by living an active productive life with a disability and challenging life that people will see through the disability to the person within. Well, my good friends with the Order of Malta have honored and humbled me in ways they cannot imagine. I’m pretty sure that I will be the one of the first volunteers to be in a wheelchair. The first time an organization has asked me to do the role of an able bodied person. I pray that I can rise to the challenge. I have no doubt that I will. I mean like…have you met me!!

Back to the business at hand! Adaptive Sports & Adventure Programs (ASAP) has been a significant part of my recovery. From Rugby to Handcycling to Water Skiing to Snow Skiing to whatever is next, the benefits of participating in adaptive sports with my peers cannot be measured. I have attached the ASAP Spring Newsletter. It covers some of the programs we provide to the disabled community. It has been the salvation of my mind and body. These experiences become a turning point in a person’s life. Where confidence is bred and self-esteem soars. There are so many that need our help.

On April 26th I am handcycling in my 7th Cycle to the Sea with my fellow disabled athletes from Charlotte to North Myrtle Beach – 180 miles over three days. Some paralyzed some without limbs, some blind and some with multiple disabilities – ALL with hope, determination, desire and faith to accomplish this extraordinary feat! Dan Wilson and Tom Baskind (who ride with me each year and have short memories;)) will cycle with me to share this experience and support my cause. My daughter, Leigh, will ride with us again after missing last year and a good friend, Dean Otto will be riding with us for a day. Declan MacDevette will be in our support group and of course Kevin Scanlon will be supporting us financially and in spirit. They exemplify the spirit of Team Freak – selfless acts of beauty to help others in their journey! I believe this experience has deeply impacted their perception of life and human spirit!

We need your help to expand these vital programs and help others not as fortunate as I am. We can make a difference! Join me as I aspire to be the difference! Please consider supporting this meaningful cause. Many of you have already contributed and I thank you! However, there is so much more we can do! Funding these programs is a daily ongoing struggle with budget cuts and limited resources. 100% of your donation will go to the Adaptive Sports and Adventures Program (ASAP). You can make your donation online by simply clicking here to visit my team page and make a donation on our behalf.

Please ask your employer if they will match your gift - matching gifts are an easy way to double the support for ASAP. Most companies will match but you will need to initiate the process with your Human Resources Department and submit your company's completed matching gift form to ASAP.

If you prefer, you can also send your tax-deductible contribution to Carolinas HealthCare Foundation, which is a nonprofit 501c3 organization that administers the ASAP Fund. If you mail in a donation, checks should be made out to the ASAP Fund and have my name in the memo section.

Carolinas HealthCare Foundation
P.O. Box 32861
Charlotte, NC 28232

Thank you for believing in me and making a difference by helping others.

Brian Muscarella

To make a donation online, visit my personal page.

Never Give Up

Never Surrender

There is no Choice!

There is always hope!

Bring it Everyday!

Father Bill Atkinson Humanitarian Award

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Notice of Privacy Statement
Carolinas HealthCare Foundation may use demographic information to contact you in an effort to raise money for Carolinas HealthCare System programs and facilities. The money raised will be used to expand and improve the services and programs we provide the community.

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