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Fundraise with Dr. Ted Frank as he prepares to run a marathon on April 7, 2019, to raise awareness and funds for the benefit of Sanger Heart & Vascular Institute heart transplant patients and SH&VI patients supported by left ventricular assist devices.

Heart transplants are a TEAM effort—running a marathon can be too.

We invite you to form a team, divide up the 26.2 miles any way that works for your runners (or walkers) and help raise funds to benefit the patients whose own endurance inspired this event!

There are so many ways to "run" a marathon while fundraising through this unique event:

26 runners x 1.01 miles each

10 runners x 2.62 miles each

5 runners x 5.24 miles each

…any way you see FIT!

Running a complete marathon is not a requirement to participate. Please feel free to run a portion of the course and/or sign up to fundraise online as a virtual participant.

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History of the event:

For Ted Frank, MD, his patients are his biggest inspiration. Driven by compassion to support them, he devised a unique fundraiser with the ambitious goal of raising $25,000. Dr. Frank and his supporters far surpassed this initial goal by raising $41,000 to benefit the Heart Transplant Fund at Sanger Heart & Vascular Inistute.

Learn more about the event here.

100% of all donations and sponsorships will be used to support Sanger Heart & Vascular Institute transplant patients with special healthcare and related needs (such as medications, medically-related transport, temporary lodging and potential additional expenses not covered by insurance).



Use the links above to register to fundraise alongside Dr. Frank in one of 3 ways:

1. Join Ted's fundraising team (see link above)

2. Form or search for a team

3. Donate directly  

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